A-Ha! Real Estate Exam Prep is all about helping real estate students with all the tips, strategies, and secrets they’ll need to know to pass the real estate class and state exam.

By including class topic videos, study guides, sample exam questions, practice tests, and more, each member will walk away with a better understanding of what’s needed to pass that pesky state exam.

A-Ha! I’m going to get it!

Meet Our Legendary Instructor, Podcaster, and Exam Prepper

Brian C. Lee

Acclaimed real estate instructor, broker, and appraiser, Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate from the greatest college on earth, Indiana University. He regularly uses his 25+ years of experience in various areas of real estate to raise the level of education for agents.

Brian’s knowledge and experience takes him across the globe to train on real estate topics including appraisal, agency, brokerage, business operations, taxation, contracts, investing, and the dreaded “real estate math.”

When Brian isn’t yapping his head off in front of his students or on camera, he keeps his wife and children happy with culinary skills and bad dad jokes.

Brian Lee

what you will Learn with A-HA!

Terms and definitions are key to passing the state exam. Our class topic videos will cover every subject you will see on the exam and includes all the terms and definitions you will need to know. Everything from agency to contracts, leasing to appraisal, ownership to mortgages, and so much more. These videos are from live classes that Brian C. Lee teaches to his own students. Now they can be yours too.

With over 1,000 test questions (COMING SOON!) categorized by topic and type, you will have more than you will ever need to study. While we cannot give the actual exam questions (that would be illegal, and Brian doesn’t need that trouble), the questions we provide are very similar and will get your mind programmed to be able to tackle the actual test questions.

We know test taking is more than knowing the terms, definitions, and questions. Your mind must be ready. We will take your learning and ability to take your test to another level by preparing you mentally and physically, so you can focus on passing.

And if that wasn’t enough, our weekly podcast, webinars, and social media pages will include a multi-tiered approach to getting the information you need into your head to beat that exam into submission.