Frequently Asked Questions

Better question, why not? A-Ha! provides a multifaceted approach to help real estate students learn and retain the critical elements so they can pass their state exam. Every student learns in a different way. A-Ha! was created to help in a variety of ways. You choose the pieces from our large catalog of offerings that work best for your learning needs.

Our instructors are engaging, entertaining, and educational so you will acquire the information you need to know. With over 30 years in the real estate business and more than 15 years as real estate instructors, they KNOW what you need to know and how to present it in a way that you will understand and remember. They are not just academics; they live real estate and are passionate about teaching it.

The real estate test is complicated enough. We don’t want to add to that frustration with various pricing levels and offerings, so we offer only one pricing plan that includes everything we offer. Also, once you sign up, you have our services for an entire year. We don’t like to play games or makes things difficult, one price, one plan, one piece of mind.

We have the tips, strategies, and secrets you will need, and we aren’t afraid to share it all with you. So, we ask the question again, “why not” use A-Ha Real Estate Exam Prep?

Simplicity. We offer several elements that you can choose from to fit your needs. If you are struggling with some terms or concepts, we have hundreds of classroom videos on every topic that are broken down into small, digestible pieces to help you grasp those theories. Our platform also includes a digital prep book that includes every term, definition, and idea without all the fluff. We also include an online dictionary and access to our social media pages so you can ask questions of us and your peers.

Perhaps the most critical way A-Ha! works is via our bi-weekly study sessions and webinars. Reading will help you learn, but hearing it presented makes a huge difference. Twice a week, one of our instructors will walk you through one or two topics and a few sample test questions to help you grasp the information. Those webinars will be recorded so you can watch them again any time that fits your schedule.

We have over 1,500 real estate exam questions for the National/General portion of your test. We have questions broken down into topics such as agency, contracts, and math, and you can even take practice exams to mimic what you will find when you take your licensing test. You will not need any other resource to find samples of what you might see on the state exam.

Ultimately, you get the choice in how you want to learn the material. We are huge advocates for students and offer many options. Our videos are top notch and WILL help you learn the material you need to know to knock out your state exam.

No. You will never need to download anything, install a CD, or other software that can bog down your computer. All you need is an internet browser and connection. You can access your account from any modern computer, tablet, and smartphone. We do offer PDF files that you can download if you choose.

Our content is updated every week. Our webinars are recorded twice a week, so we get you the information you need in real time. As the industry or test changes, we update all our content immediately. Also, using social media, we can give you any critical updates as they happen. We are highly in tune with the industry and love to share any information as soon as it changes.

Many people think that there is a standard national real estate test. That is simply not true. Every state has a national portion, which some states share but not all do. While every state has a national portion, it is typically accompanied by a state portion that focuses on that state’s laws. We encourage you to ask your state licensing agency to discover their requirements.

No, that would be illegal, and we don’t like trouble. Our questions hit all the topics you will see on the exam. We communicate regularly with our students to make sure our questions are hitting the material you will need to know to answer the state test questions. To be honest, memorizing questions is not the way to pass the exam anyway. For most states, there are 1,000’s of questions to memorize and no one has time to remember that many questions and answers. Instead, our questions are designed to help you through the critical thinking process so you can successfully complete your state exam. Don’t trust any service that says they have the exact questions from your state exam. If they do, they are either lying or have illegal spies, and who can trust a spy?

Every state has their own process to become a licensed real estate agent. What we have found is every state will have an age, education, and background requirement. There are different types of real estate licenses in some states including a salesperson and broker license. We are based out of Indiana, where that state only has a broker license. Your state might be different. As always, we recommend asking your state approval agency to discover their specific requirements.