Test Taking Tips

Test Day:

  1. RELAX!!!

  2. Breathe!!!  (through your nose and out of your mouth)

  3. Walk away!!! (sit back and clear your mind for 30 seconds)

  4. Stress is the top reason you don’t do well.

  5. Eat breakfast/lunch, but not right before the exam. Give it an hour before exam for any meal.

  6. Eat a small snack before exam (unless taking exam right after a meal; have a snack before the exam instead of a meal; snack on a banana, power bar etc,; Not chips, fatty, sugary and/or salty items)

  7. A LITTLE caffeine can help but don’t take it if you don’t regularly drink it. No energy drinks, 5 hour energy, etc.

  8. When the exam breaks (between the general and state), stand up and take a break, walk around, clear your head, jump around, shake your hands and feet, stretch, get your blood flowing.

  9. Ask proctor to adjust testing device BEFORE you start exam.

  10. Just stay F-it and take the exam. It is what it is now.

  11. Know that around 20% to 25% of people pass the first time, and it takes most 3 to 4 times to pass. The exam is not an indication of your intelligence of your ability to be a good agent, it is a test of your perseverance and ability to put concepts together. How bad you want it? Everyone that sticks with it, will eventually pass it.

Before Test Day:

  1. Create flash cards (engages your sight, sound and tactile senses)

  2. Understand terms in depth

  3. Take practice exams at the same time you are taking your state exam.

  4. Get sleep the night before test night. DO NOT cram.

  5. Stop studying the day before the exam. It’s okay to gloss over the terms if you feel you need to, but no heavy studying.

  6. Ask for accommodations with PSI if you have specific needs. Examples: quiet room, need more time, other medical conditions, etc.